GRILLI TYPE Samara Keller and I interviewed Noël Leu of Grilli Type and promoted the talk with an animated poster

DEZIBEL ZÜRICH Compare noise levels across the city, this app visualises the sounds of the city’s areas on a large map and includes podacsts on noise pollution, collaboration with Christina Walther and Marjana Kranz

MODUS Promotional video for a capitalist totalitarian regime ruled by a brand, collaboration with Tyrone Schorrer, Fiona Federspiel and Meret Fischli

ITALIAN I learned Italian and recorded my progress every day using video and diary entries, this is the resulting magazine

OCTAVIA Slab serif typeface with proportions inspired by Venetian faces like Jenson and Bembo

EXCHANGE STUDENTS Interviews and portraits of twenty exchange students from three universities in Zurich, read the interviews here

FILMPODIUM Posters for the Filmpodium cinema in Zurich for a series of Hong Kong and Federico Fellini films